Friday, July 25, 2014

American Girl Doll Tutu Tutorial AG005

Now the girls are outfitted!  Isabelle is going to show Kanani some of her dance moves then later, Kanani will show Isabelle some dance moves from Hawaii!  Which one do you like best Olivia??  (Original post HERE).  Very hard decision, I’d say!

American Girl  doll Tutu with ribbon waist Tutorial

I kinda followed Pixie Faire’s idea. The tulle I had was 104” wide so I rolled it until it was manageable to cut.  I cut the uneven pieces off.

I cut 4 strips at 2” wide by 104” long, trimmed off the salvage.

I wanted my tutu to be just over 4” so I cut my cardstock 8.5” long and wrapped my tulle pieces around it.

I cut the top and bottom folds.

I now have 52 strips of 2” wide tulle by 8”.

Tied my ribbon as did Pixie Faire.

Tied the ribbon to my cardstock for easier control.

Fold one 8” piece of tulle in half and slide it under the ribbon.

Put the tails through the loop and pull tight.  Slide it right next to one knot.

Repeat until you have reached the other knot and you are done.  Tie a bow with the extra ribbon under the dolls arm.


American Girl Doll Tutu (red) – Elastic Waist Tutorial

I used 9 meters of 2” strips for this red one.  I wanted my completed tutu to be about 4” long so I cut my cardstock 8” long and wrapped my tulle pieces around it.


Cut both folds.  Now you have 4” pieces at 2” wide.

Cut ¼” elastic 9” long.  Sew to form a circle.


I slipped my elastic over a lid to hold it.

Tie the netting very loosely to the elastic.


 If you tie it too tight, the elastic will ‘grow’ – I found that out!

Bring tails down.


Continue tying until all your pieces are used up.
Ok Isabelle, you can go show Kanani your dance moves!

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