Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sewing - Children's Draw String Tea Towel Apron

Here is an easy apron even if you aren’t a seamstress. Because the tea towel is already hemmed, much of the sewing work is already done.

Find center and mark with a pin.  Measure 3” on either side of the center pin and mark.

Measure down 10” on each side and mark with pins.  Fold from the top pin to the side pin on each side and press.

Measure and mark a ¾” seam allowance from the folds.  Cut away.

Serge on this line, re-press and topstitch.  Repeat for other side.

 I found this towel a little too long for my 5 year old so I blind hemmed the bottom.  I didn’t really like so much white showing anyways.  I had to add my sewing label, of course!

Cut 3” wide strips of fabric to total 75” long for one continuous tie for a 4 to 6 year old child.  No need to cut on the bias.  Click HERE to see how to join the strips.

Press in half then press each half to the center.

Topstitch both long sides.

 Zigzag across ends.

Feed the tie starting at one side of the apron.

Continue feeding the ties down the other side.

Tie knots in each end so the tie won’t pull out.

Cut a piece of fabric 10” by 12”.

With right sides together, fold to make a piece 5” x 12”.

Sew right sides together with ¼” seam allowance leaving an opening to turn.

Clip corners, turn and press.  Topstitch across the top of the pocket – the opposite end of the opening – I think I forgot to do this!  Find the center of the apron across from the ties.

Lightly press a center line on the pocket. Pin to apron.

Topstitch on to apron.

Sew down center of the pocket.
And you are ready to bake!

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