Tuesday, July 1, 2014

American Girl Doll Bikini Tutorial and Sandals Tutorial AG003

These girls want to hit the beach so let’s help them out!

 American Girl Doll Bikini Tutorial

Found this cute bikini by My AG Doll Craft so had to give it a try!  As you can see, Kanani is wearing the short top version and Isabelle’s is longer.  Both are super cute eh?  I did add about ¼” onto the side seams of both the top and bottoms of the pattern – thought it would be easier to take them in if needed.  I found it a lot easier to pull the bikini top on from her feet up rather than over her head so remember that Olivia and Erin!  (Original post HERE).

American Girl Doll Sandals Tutorial

After I had made a practice pair for Isabelle, I didn’t think I wanted to make any more but I did!  They are fiddly to make mainly because you get no cooperation from the girls!  LOL Spotted these sandals on Pinterest with no pattern so this is what I did.  Trace the dolls feet or an existing shoe on to cardboard. Make sure it’s slightly bigger than the doll’s foot. Trace two for each shoe and cut out.  I used glitter fun foam for the tops and plain white foam for the bottoms.

Insert bead through a 2.75" long hair elastic (left side of picture).  Lay 4” of ribbon on top and loop the elastic so that the ribbon is in between (right side of picture).

Pull the elastic tight.  Cut another piece of ribbon about 3” long.  Lay it through the back loop of the elastic (top picture).  Add just a touch of glue to the ribbon without getting any near the elastic (bottom picture).

Press ribbon in half.  Measure about ¾” from the fold and mark with a pin or chalk.  This will be approximately where it will join the back of the shoe.

Now put it on the doll’s foot. 

Wrap the ribbon tightly around the sole of the shoe.  Trust me; you get no cooperation from the doll’s!

I did not want the ribbons overlapping each other so I cut them back.  The less bulk, the better!
Now add a sole to cover the ribbons!

Next week, I’ll have a one piece bathing suit.  As we know, a girl just can’t have one bathing suit!  I will show you page 2 of 11 that I scrapbooked of Olivia’s visit to the American Girl (AG) Doll store this Friday so stay tuned or better yet, sign up to my Blog so you won’t miss any of my AG posts! 

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