Friday, July 11, 2014

American Girl Doll One Piece Bathing suit, Beach Towel and Beach Bag Tutorials AG004

I had received the Ballet Basics pattern when I signed up to the Lee and Pearl site.  Since then, they have tweaked it and offered us a free pattern for a one piece swimsuit using fold over elastic.  Here is Isabelle and Kanani modeling for us!  Pretty cute eh?


American Girl Doll One Piece Bathing suit Tutorial

I used a 4 way knit fabric.  I did add ¼” on to the side seams – figured it is easier to take it in if it was too big.  Not too much you can do if it is too small.  Anyways, it didn’t need it.  Fit perfectly just as it was!  I had a piece of black fold over elastic with gold dots on it so I used it on the bathing suit that Kanani is wearing.

American Girl Doll Beach Towel Tutorial

I bought a towel, cut it to about 8x15” and serged the edges.

American Girl Doll Beach Bag Tutorial

This was a purchased beach bag.  I cut it down to 11” long by 6” wide.  I serged over a piece of ribbon as it is hard to sew holes.  Turned the casing down about ½”.

Boxed the corners at ¾”.

Inserted 18” of 1/8” elastic so it would fit over the dolls head and tied a knot.  This shows a cord instead of elastic.  Isabelle gets my trial runs.  The cord isn’t long enough to go over her head so I switched Olivia and Erin’s to elastic.  (Original post HERE)

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