Friday, July 18, 2014

American Girl Doll Tights Tutorial and Top Tutorial AG005

American Girl Doll T-Shirt Tutorial

I understand that Isabelle is a dancer so we best get her outfitted!  Kanani would like to learn to dance too so we will make her an outfit too.  I will get to the tutu’s at a later date.  I started out using the camisole pattern by Dollar Doll Clothes.  I added ¼ “across the top and ¼” on to the fold.  I cut at what she has marked ‘fold line back’ as I did not want any casing at the back.  Again, this pattern was adjusted for 4 way stretch fabric.  I cut ribbing about 6.5” by ¾” wide for the armholes and continued it into straps.  I started at the back then tried it on the doll before attaching the straps to the back.  Then I added a strip of interfacing before adding the Velcro.


American Girl Doll Tights Tutorial


I couldn’t a ‘free’ pattern for tights so I created one!  I started out using Dollar Doll Clothes pattern for Pants/Pajamas.  I cut ½” away from the fold side as I wanted them to fit tight.  I added 2” to the length and rounded that.  I left the waistband as is.  Cut two.  You must use 4 way stretch fabric!


Sew one crotch.  Lay 9” of ¼ or 3/8” elastic on right side and serge.

Sew the other crotch seam.  Sew inside legs.  Adjust length if needed.
Now we can create some tutu's the girls at a later date so stay tuned or better yet, sign up to my Blog so you won’t miss any of my AG posts!


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  1. Me ha servido de mucha ayuda. Excelente tutorial, muchas gracias por compartir


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