Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cleaning Oven Racks

This is probably the most fabulous find I have found on Pinterest!  It really does work!

Here are my grubby oven racks – the photo doesn’t even show how bad they are but they are really grimy!  They probably look like most peoples, right?  They are so hard to clean that you just leave them, like me – they are out of sight so no biggy, right?

Well, let me tell you how to get them to look like this with very little elbow grease! Yes, you read correctly!

You need one half cup of blue Dawn, 4 dryer sheets (Pinterest said to use 6 but I only had 4 left) and hot water.

I set my oven racks on a pillowcase in my bathtub, poured in the Dawn and covered them with hot water.

Place the dryer sheets on top.

Pinterest says to leave them overnight.  I had put mine in the tub at 11am and started cleaning them at 5pm.  Here is what they looked like when I lifted them from the water.

I can hear you saying ‘Woman, they haven’t changed one bit!’  Well, the magic begins when you start wiping them down with the dryer sheets!  See!  NO GREASE!

I took them to my kitchen sink because the bathtub is pretty darn low for this ole body to work at!  I continued wiping the grease off with the dryer sheets then I took my stainless steel scrubber to help remove the baked on goodies.

Simply unbelievable!

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