Tuesday, October 20, 2015

AG034 18" Doll Halloween Costume Tutorial

I used the Pumpkin and hat pattern from Joan Hinds book, Doll Costume Dress Up that I received as a gift from my sister.  I did do some changes of course.  I cut one front and two backs from orange broadcloth then I cut myself a partial lining for the front and back.

Sew shoulder seams.  Repeat for lining.  Place lining to main with right sides together. Sew around neck and armholes. Pink or clip.

Pull the backs to the front through the shoulders.  Press.  Set aside.

Trace face onto fusible web.  Adhere to black fabric.  Place face pieces to pumpkin front and press in place.  Straight stitch around each piece.

Open lining and sew side seams.  Serge to clean finish bottom of lining, center back seams and hem.

Topstitch around neck and armholes.  Hem bottom at ¼”.

Insert 11” of 1/8” elastic through hem.  Sew center back seam closed about 3.5” from hem.  Add Velcro.

I followed Joan Hinds pattern for the cap.  I didn’t have a pipe cleaner to use as part of the leaf/stem so I just sewed two leaves at the center top.

I used the free pattern from TheScientific Seamstress Blog (called Tee Time from her February 7, 2011 post) for the top.  I love how she has hemmed everything before she cuts it out!  Very clever!

My fabric is a fairly firm knit so I was unable to stretch the sleeve in place so I eased it the Nancy Zieman Sleeve Easing Techniqueway.

Stitch inside the seam allowance.  Use a regular length stitch, start sewing about 1” from the end of your sleeve. Keep your index finger pressed against the back of the presser foot, catching the fabric you've just sewn and forcing it against the presser foot.

Hold tightly, causing the fabric to bunch up. Keep holding and stitching, until there's so much fabric it spills over your finger.

Release, and continue stitching and "bunching" until you're 1" from the other end of the sleeve cap.

This process eases in the excess length of the sleeve cap without any nasty little pleats.

Now, fit the sleeve into the armhole. The sleeve may even be a little too small. If so, just stretch it to fit.

As you can see, without even pressing, the sleeve fits perfect!

I cut the collar 1.75” x 11”, stretched as I sewed in place then cut off the excess.

I used the same pattern as the scrubs in AG013 since it is my favorite pants pattern (just type ‘scrubs’ in the search box at the top left corner of my blog to find it).

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