Tuesday, October 6, 2015

AG022 18" Doll Long Peasant Top and Leggings Tutorial

I started out using the Tunic /Dress pattern by WrenFeathers (Posted on her May 3, 2013 blog).  I made some alterations as the pictures show.

I have wrote out the instructions without using pictures.  My AG017 post has the picture tutorial so you can follow then follow the elastic waist instructions below.

Chalk mark hems for bottom and top of sleeves at ½”.

Chalk mark bottom hems at 1/4”.

Chalk mark tops of blouse at ½”.

Sew sleeves to front and back.

Pink seams to finish edges.

Serge neck opening, bottom of sleeves and back opening to clean finish.

Topstitch neck at ½”.

Hem sleeve at ½”.

Cut 11” of ¼” elastic and thread through the neck casing.

Cut two pieces of ¼” elastic each 4.5” long and thread through each sleeve.

Sew side seams.  Pink seams to finish edges.

Serge hem.

Add a bow at the neck.

Cut a piece of double fold bias tape 17” long for casing at the waist.

Start sewing bias casing at 2” from the bottom edge.

Cut 12” of ¼” elastic and feed it through the casing.  Stitch to secure both ends of the elastic.  Sew center back seam 3.5” from bottom edge with ½” seam then hem bottom.

Add Velcro and bartack.

The Tutorial for the Leggings can be found on my AG009post.

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