Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sewing - Quilting is not easy!

My oldest grandson graduated from High School.  My daughter asked her friend to make a quilt for him.  She wanted it to also be a family effort so asked her mother in law and myself if we would help out.  I understood that I would be making one block.  How hard could that be?  After all, I am a seamstress!  This is what she brought me – enough pieces to do 30 blocks!  The center block is what her friend had done as a sample for me to follow – see how perfect hers is?
The first thing I had to do was remove the white stitching from the points of the red and black pieces that her friend had sewn.  No big deal – I just did that while I watched my Soaps.  It took forever, but I got that done.  Then, each of those pieces had to be pressed open.  I have an awesome iron, so, again, no big deal – that also took forever as there was lots and lots of pieces.
Now on to sewing.  I had to sew 2 of the red and black pieces together, pressing again.  Then I had to attach these yellow squares to each end, pressing again but I love my iron so no problem!
It is time to put these little strips on to the center piece (tractor).  Honestly!!  What is my problem???  I cannot make these pieces line up!!  I do not quilt but I know it is important to have square blocks when you are done.  Mine are far from being square!!  I’m pretty sure my daughter gave her mother in law the easy part to do!!
After doing 10 blocks and not having one of them work out square, I had my daughter ask her friend if she wanted me to quit.  Her friend said YES, YES, YES, have her quit!!  Apparently, the mother in law has to hand sew bias tape around a thousand pieces to make a tractor!!  I don’t want that job neither!!  So that is my experience in quilting!!  IT IS NOT FOR ME!  As a seamstress, I thought I could sew ANYTHING!  Nope, I sure cannot sew  quilt blocks!  If  you are a seamstress, tell me .... can you sew quilt blocks???
Can't wait to see it done though!

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