Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sewing - Trick n Treat One Handle Bag

Our youngest daughter wanted Halloween bags sewn for her little ones last year.  I spent time surfing the net trying to find something fairly simple for little hands.  I came upon tutorials for Pillow Case Shopping bags so thought I would use that idea for their bags.  My pattern is at the bottom of this post so follow that to trace onto your fabric.  The fold of the fabric is at the bottom.  Give it a try!  I would love if you linked your masterpiece back to my blog.

I wanted to make the handles with a bit of a curve to make the sewing easier.  A roll of masking tape was handy so that’s what I used to draw the curve.  Worked perfect.

Cut on the curve to form the handle.

Sew the sides with ¼” seams then serge or zigzag.

Box the corners by taking the bottom corners and squeeze them so the seams meet.  Stick a pin through all thicknesses at the seam line so that you know you are matched up.  Once you have the seams lined up perfectly, pin in place. Mark a line at 1.5” from the point. Sew a couple times down that line to make sure you have strong seam.

Repeat for the other corner.  Serge off the corners.

Sew top of handles together.

Serge the handle openings to finish or you could sew bias tape to the openings.

However, it wasn’t the best bag for the 2 year old as she didn’t realize she had to open the bag in order to have the treats dropped into it. I thought the one handle idea would be a lot easier for her.  It worked great for the 4 year old so do keep that in mind.

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