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How to make a Flag using Punches

Angry Birds – this was too much fun!
Bra – can even make a matching pair of undies!
Dress andPurse – too cute!

Dryer Sheet Technique - scan doen't show but this is just so delicate!

Faux Brads
Faux Cloisonne – I love the look of this!

Faux Polished Stone – an oldie but goodie!
Fish Punch Art – kissy, kissy!

Folded Christmas Tree – just amazing what you can do with a piece of paper!

Joy Fold Card

Kissing and Reverse Kissing Technique
Make 12 Template – still my favorite way to make a batch of cards!
Padfolio – I have one of these in my purse.  If I am using it for my grocery list or whatever, strangers always ask me “Where did you get that?”  I’m happy to say “I made it!”
Pansy Punch Art - using the Butterfly Punch

Panties – to match the bra!

Piano – just like the real McCoy!
Poinsetta’s – you know it’s the Christmas season!
Santa Suit – the season wouldn’t be complete without Santa!
Side Step - lots of mountain and valley folds!
Streaking – not in the way you are thinking!
Tri Shutter - lots of in and outs!!
Using Napkins on cards – makes card making very easy!

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