Friday, October 4, 2013

MDS 134 - Birthday Invitations using MDS

You probably already know that My Digital Studio (MDS) digital designing software is fantastic for creating printable photobooks, calendars and even cards. But, did you know that can also make party planning fun, fast and fabulous?  My personal favorite is making Invitations!  So simple to do!  Once you design your layout, simply Copy and Paste to make 3 more on an 8.5x11”page.

Done!  You can print using your own printer, send them to your favorite printing place or send them directly to SU!.  Cut them apart and they are ready for sending!

I made her a couple choices for her 8th party in 2012.  Instead of Copying and Pasting four times, I just did it twice to make bigger invitations.

My daughter had sent me links from Etsy that I kind of copied for all the invitations – this was not our original idea.  I just can’t find the links now!

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