Friday, March 29, 2013

MDS 107 Best Ever Birthday Scrapbook Page

Oh what excitement to open presents when you are only two years old!  Addison in 2010.
Paper: Lap of Luxury.

Stamps: Calendar Basics Kit, Epic Overlays, Get it Done, Its all Good.

Embellishments: Get it Done.
Punches: Square, Top Note.
Font: Freehand591.
Page before adding photos.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Workshop Cards W001, W002, W003

Normally I save the last Tuesday of every month to post the cards we made at Joanne’s SU!Workshop for that month but due to the winter storm we had on her scheduled day - the first day of spring, March 20th, I decided not to go.  Besides, I could hardly get out of my house – look what greeted me when I opened the door!!

So I will share some cards we did at previous Workshops.
Some cute stuff eh??  I didn’t mark down the ‘ingredients’ I used to make them but if you are familiar with SU! products, you will probably recognize them.  If there is something you would like to know about the cards, just email me and I will find out what I can.

Friday, March 22, 2013

MDS 106 Excalibur Hotel Scrapbook Page

This is a 12x12 page

Back to the Vegas Trip in 2011.  This is a 12x12 digital scrapbook page using My Digital Studio software by Stampin Up.
Paper: A Year in Review, Tangerine Tango, Old Olive.
Stamps: Circle Circus, Best of Everything, Green Tea, Watercolor Trio.

Embellishments: Hoppy Memories Borders.

Punches: Square, Circle, Timeless Type Junior Letters, Full Heart (rotated and covered with a paper filled circle).
Font: Script MT Bold.
Page before adding Photo boxes
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sewing - How To Hem Jeans And Keep The Original Hem

Seems that all jeans are made with 34 inch inseams these days which makes it tough on the average guy.  I found the perfect way to hem them that keeps the original hem intact on Pinterest!  It really is quite easy to do except it can be tough on needles because of all the thicknesses but I found a remedy for that!

Pin the hems up (right sides together) so that the fold is touching the floor with your shoes on. Take the jeans off and measure from the bottom fold to the bottom of the original hem – in other words, measure everything that is turned up.  As you can see, this pair of jeans is 3.25 inches too long.
Take HALF that amount and measure it out on the jeans – one half of 3.25 inches equals 1 and 5/8 inches but DO NOT include the original hemline in your measurement.
Fold the hem up again using the new measurement and pin in place - remember DO NOT include the original hem when measuring.  The 1st two pins I put in are at the side seams – you want the stitching lines to line up at each seam.
After they are pinned, make a light pen mark at .75 inches from the original hem.  We will deal with this line later.
Here is my remedy for those thick seams that like to break the needle - on a nice firm surface, take a hammer to all four side seams to flatten the seams as much as you can.
Using a zipper foot, stitch around each jean leg, through both layers, as close to the original hem as possible without stitching ON the original hem.
Switch back to your regular foot and sew on that .75 mark we made a while ago.  Leaving it about .75 inches will help in keeping the seam from flipping out.  If you are left with about .75 inches, then don’t do any trimming.
Trim off the material below your stitch line leaving about .25 inch seam.
Serge or zigzag to finish the raw edges.
Turn the leg right side out and press the new seam flat, revealing the old hem.  Cover with a pressing cloth and press each jean leg from the outside as well to give a nice clean hemline.  Use lots of steam.
 Give it a clap with a Clapper if you have one.
For best results, make sure your thread is a dead match to your jeans.  Then from the right side, top stitch above the original hem which helps to keep the pressed bit in place.
Give them one more press with lots of steam.

You are done!  I’m assuming that the big bucks spent on jeans have a lot to do with the hem line so there you have it!


Friday, March 15, 2013

MDS 105 Just Sleeping Scrapbook Page

This is a 12x12 digital scrapbook page of my granddaughter Addison 'recharging' using My Digital Studio software by Stampin Up.

Paper: Island Oasis, Melon Mambo.
Stamps: School Days 11 - star border and subtract sign (for stitching on my buttons), Little Additions. Placed a small oval and circle punch behind the teddy to fill him in. Also, I had changed a zigzag stitching embellishment to a stamp therefore, I was able to change the color of it.

Embellishments: Pompom Trim, Buttons, Stitching.

Punches: Square, Circle, Oval.

Font: Simply Glamorous.
Page before adding Photo boxes
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Craft - Potato Masher Bow

Thank goodness we all have these utensils in our kitchen!  The potato masher is perfect for making a bow!  For this method you can leave the ribbon on the spool and cut it once the bow is finished to save ribbon wastage.

Wrap some ribbon around a couple loops of the masher. I am using 3/8” wide ribbon by SU! in the new color Primrose Petals. I used a pin to hold it in place while I took the picture but that isn’t necessary.

Tightly wrap thread around the center.

Remove from the masher.  Heat seal the ends.  This bow ends up being about 1.75” across.  Very quick and easy!  In case you missed it, check out my How to make Bow using a Fork!

Friday, March 8, 2013

MDS 104 Filling a Punch with a Photo in My Digital Studio

This is a 12x12 page.
Back to Disneyland with my grand daughter, Olivia.

Another page that comes together quickly. Any punch in MDS can be filled with a photo. Here is how:

Add your punch to your page. Click the Paper Fill option and fill it with any paper - it doesn’t matter what you choose, because we are going to replace it with your photo. Next, double click the punch to bring up your punch image editor. In your punch image editor, click Replace Image.
Select the folder that has the picture you want in it. Select the picture you want, and click OK.  That will bring up the Punch Image Editor again, and you can move your photo around in the punch, or change the size using the zoom in and zoom out keys. Once you have your photo where you want it, click OK.

You can now see my granddaughter with Jasmine and Aladdin inside the Heart Stamp Punch.

Paper: A Year in Review; used the Color Match button to fill in the tan square.

Embellishments: Crochet Trim Ribbon.

Punches: Square, Heart.

Font: French Script.
Page before adding Photo boxes.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sewing - Placemat Purse Organizer

Found this on Jen’s blog.  Really a good idea so when I was in the city the other day, I picked up some placemats - some of them had a plastic coating on the back which might work out ok for a purse organizer.  They were stiffer to work with tho.
There is no reason you couldn’t hem a piece of 12”x18” stiffer fabric and go from there.
With the wrong side facing up, fold the placemat in half, length-wise. If possible, crease with an iron.  I had to finger press because of my plastic backing.


Open up the placemat and fold one long side up to the crease you just made.
Repeat  with the other side.  Thought I would try and press on low heat with my iron but it piddled on my placemat!!

Cut a 4-inch piece of 1/4″ elastic and loop it between the two “flaps” on one of the sides, making sure the ends fall in the path of the 1/2″ seam allowance.
With a washable marker, lightly draw a line half-inch from each side – basically right on the existing seam that is on the napkin.  Using the line you just drew as the starting point, draw 4 more lines; the first two about 4 inches apart, and the fourth line about 3 inches from the previous line or you can adjust the size of these pockets to fit your items.
Because of my plastic backing, I did not want to use pins to hold my organizer; instead, I used paper clips to do the trick.
Straight stitch down the 1/2″ line, double stitching over the elastic.  Stitch along the remaining lines.
Now fold the whole thing in half, length-wise.
Sew on a large button.
That’s it! My daughter was here at the time I finished this - her purse was seriously in need of organization!  We filled it with her supplies.
And here it is in her purse – apparently it isn’t just an ordinary purse … it is a Coach!  Notice how nicely her credit card wallet fits in the middle of the organizer!
If you would prefer to buy one, I have a few on hand for $15.00 plus Express envelope.  Click on the Buy Now button to order. When they are gone, they are gone!

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