Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sewing - Facecloth Travel Pouch

My oldest daughter spotted this on Pinterest & the link led to an Etsy shop - just knew I could make them.  If you can sew a straight line, you can make them too.  Trust me.   I picked up faceclothes for each grandchild, labeled them with their names and found ribbon to kinda match each one.

I used tear away stabilizer as I wanted to put the year on them.

A standard size wash cloth is approximately 12" x 12", so lay out your washcloth right side down and fold the bottom up about 4”.  Just check that the toothbrush will be completely covered with this measurement.  This will give you a travel wrap that is 8" tall with a 4" tall pocket.  Pin the sides.

Place your tape measure across the front and place pins to mark the 3", 6", and 9" points.

Draw your stitching lines with a Disappearing ink marker and pin in place.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 24" long. Fold in half and mark the center with a Disappearing ink marker.  Set aside.

Flip your facecloth over and find the center point - this will give you the most stability when wrapping.  Mark with the Disappearing ink marker.

Pin the center of the ribbon to this mark.  Secure with a pin on each side of the center.

Bring the tails of your ribbon around to the front so that you don’t accidently catch them in your stitching and sew down the center line.

Remove the pins from the back of your ribbon.  Bring them to the front and pin.  Again, this is just a precaution so that you don’t accidently catch them in any of your remaining stitching.

Before I continue, I like to reduce as much bulk as possible for my sewing machine so I cover the thick corners of the facecloth with wax paper and take a hammer to them.  Even at that, I still walk my machine through the thickness just to save a broken needle!

Now finish sewing each little pocket.

Burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

Now we are ready to fill each pocket.

When making these for little toothbrushes, I found that the bottom fold should be about 4.5” instead of 4”.  Just makes a little more cover for the little toothbrush.  I sewed an extra pocket in this one so there was room for mom or dads toothbrush as well.

Roll it up and tie!!  That's it!  Any easy project to make for easy organized travel.

Because they are made from a facecloth, any water left on the toiletries will just get soaked up. So much better than putting your toothbrush back into the plastic holder or a plastic baggie where it doesn't breathe well!!  Could even make one for your makeup brushes!

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