Friday, October 25, 2013

MDS 137 Miracle in Progress Scrapbook Page

Look what a few circles can do to a page!  Just paper fill a few circle punches, add some stitching and some frames!  It’s that easy!  If digital scrapping has ever crossed your mind, you can download MDS (My Digital Studio) for a free 30 day trial period. Click on the Shop Now button at the top of my Blog for more info.  You will be hooked!

Page before adding photos.

Background: White.

Embellishments: Designer Kits\Downtown Grunge - embellishments\Downtown Grunge - frame 1; Mis-Stitched - embellishments\Mis-Stitched - white 3; Mis-Stitched - embellishments\Mis-Stitched - white 4.
Stamps: Vintage Overlays - texture 1; School Days - circle, Color = HANDSOME HUNTER.
Punches: 1.25 Circle Punch, Fill Color = WHISPER WHITE; 1.25 Square Punch, Fill Color = HANDSOME HUNTER.

Font: CK Alis Hand size 64; CK Deco size 58.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recipe - Pumpkin Cookies

I am in need of help!  I found this Pumpkin Cookie recipe on Pinterest so I had to try them.  They didn’t say what size of a can of pumpkin to use so I guessed that it would be the large can (796ml).  Now I’m not so sure!  They are super moist, very tasty but very pumpkiny – I’m thinking I should have used the smaller can. But maybe not ... after all, they are called Pumpkin Cookies.   Will someone be so kind to whip up a batch and report back to me with what size of a can to use please?
I used the electric beater to mix the cake mix and pumpkin together.
Now, what would be the point of making cookies if you don't have a cute little grand daughter to lick the beaters??
Stir in the raisins or you could use chocolate chips.
Drop by tablespoon onto a greased cookie sheet.  Whatever is left over, share with the grand child!
They looked a little puffy so I dipped a fork into a glass of water and flattened them a bit.
The bottoms didn't really brown neither but maybe they weren't suppose to.  They were definitely cooked.
Anyways, I sure would like your opinion please.  Here is the recipe:
Pumpkin Cookies

1 can pumpkin – but what size??

1 box spice cake mix

1 cup raisins

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

I got about 5 dozen cookies

Friday, October 18, 2013

MDS 136 Mother’s Day Scrapbook Page

My Digital Studio makes it very simple to create a scrap page.  My background paper is from the kit, Playful Polka Dots.  Here it is below:

Because I didn’t want the lines to show, I simply added some printed paper over top of it.  Easy, easy!  I’m not very good at coming up with my own layout ideas so I surf different scrap page layouts. I found this one so I switched it up to make it suit my pictures.

Page before adding photos.
You can download MDS for a free 30 day trial period.  You have nothing to lose!  Click on the Shop Now button at the top of my Blog for more info.  You’ll love it!

Background: Designer Series Paper\_Designer Kits\Playful Polka Dots - designer series paper\Playful Polka Dots 1.
Embellishments: Designer Kits\Playful Polka Dots - border 9, border 1, leaf, flower 6, flower 8, flower 3, border 9.
Punches: 1.25 Square Punch; Extras\Flag Punch, Fill Color = DAFFODIL DELIGHT.

Font: Windsong size 36.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sewing - Facecloth Travel Pouch

My oldest daughter spotted this on Pinterest & the link led to an Etsy shop - just knew I could make them.  If you can sew a straight line, you can make them too.  Trust me.   I picked up faceclothes for each grandchild, labeled them with their names and found ribbon to kinda match each one.

I used tear away stabilizer as I wanted to put the year on them.

A standard size wash cloth is approximately 12" x 12", so lay out your washcloth right side down and fold the bottom up about 4”.  Just check that the toothbrush will be completely covered with this measurement.  This will give you a travel wrap that is 8" tall with a 4" tall pocket.  Pin the sides.

Place your tape measure across the front and place pins to mark the 3", 6", and 9" points.

Draw your stitching lines with a Disappearing ink marker and pin in place.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 24" long. Fold in half and mark the center with a Disappearing ink marker.  Set aside.

Flip your facecloth over and find the center point - this will give you the most stability when wrapping.  Mark with the Disappearing ink marker.

Pin the center of the ribbon to this mark.  Secure with a pin on each side of the center.

Bring the tails of your ribbon around to the front so that you don’t accidently catch them in your stitching and sew down the center line.

Remove the pins from the back of your ribbon.  Bring them to the front and pin.  Again, this is just a precaution so that you don’t accidently catch them in any of your remaining stitching.

Before I continue, I like to reduce as much bulk as possible for my sewing machine so I cover the thick corners of the facecloth with wax paper and take a hammer to them.  Even at that, I still walk my machine through the thickness just to save a broken needle!

Now finish sewing each little pocket.

Burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

Now we are ready to fill each pocket.

When making these for little toothbrushes, I found that the bottom fold should be about 4.5” instead of 4”.  Just makes a little more cover for the little toothbrush.  I sewed an extra pocket in this one so there was room for mom or dads toothbrush as well.

Roll it up and tie!!  That's it!  Any easy project to make for easy organized travel.

Because they are made from a facecloth, any water left on the toiletries will just get soaked up. So much better than putting your toothbrush back into the plastic holder or a plastic baggie where it doesn't breathe well!!  Could even make one for your makeup brushes!

Friday, October 11, 2013

MDS 135 A Light in the Heart Scrapbook Page

Oh my!!  It is hard to believe this little girl was 2 at one time!  Time does fly!
Page with photos.

If you are thinking about digital scrapbooking, you can download MDS for a free 30 day trial period.  Click on the Shop Now button at the top of my Blog for more info.  You will be hooked!
A nice feature MDS has come out with is the Supply List.  Before, I used to keep track of the paper, embellishments etc that I used on my scrap pages so I could share with you.  Now, all I have to do is click on the ‘Supply List’ and there it all is!  One of my favorite features as I am a one finger typer!

Page before adding photos.
Background: Card Stock\Textured Card Stock - Elegant Eggplant.
Staple & Stitching\White - Simple Stitches line 1
Round Buttons\Melon Mambo - button
Round Buttons\Tempting Turquoise - button
Round Buttons\Perfect Plum - button
Eyelets\Melon Mambo – eyelet

Eyelets\Tempting Turquoise – eyelet.

Best Wishes & More - heart, Color = MELON MAMBO
Hello, Doily - background piece, Color = WHISPER WHITE

Million-Dollar Moments - heart, Color = TEMPTING TURQUOISE.

Extras\Grad Party Ensemble - flag, Fill Color = DAFFODIL DELIGHT
Extras\Grad Party Ensemble - flag, Fill Color = MELON MAMBO
Extras\Grad Party Ensemble - flag, Fill Color = TEMPTING TURQUOISE.

Font: Roskrift Clean size 40.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sewing - Trick n Treat One Handle Bag

Our youngest daughter wanted Halloween bags sewn for her little ones last year.  I spent time surfing the net trying to find something fairly simple for little hands.  I came upon tutorials for Pillow Case Shopping bags so thought I would use that idea for their bags.  My pattern is at the bottom of this post so follow that to trace onto your fabric.  The fold of the fabric is at the bottom.  Give it a try!  I would love if you linked your masterpiece back to my blog.

I wanted to make the handles with a bit of a curve to make the sewing easier.  A roll of masking tape was handy so that’s what I used to draw the curve.  Worked perfect.

Cut on the curve to form the handle.

Sew the sides with ¼” seams then serge or zigzag.

Box the corners by taking the bottom corners and squeeze them so the seams meet.  Stick a pin through all thicknesses at the seam line so that you know you are matched up.  Once you have the seams lined up perfectly, pin in place. Mark a line at 1.5” from the point. Sew a couple times down that line to make sure you have strong seam.

Repeat for the other corner.  Serge off the corners.

Sew top of handles together.

Serge the handle openings to finish or you could sew bias tape to the openings.

However, it wasn’t the best bag for the 2 year old as she didn’t realize she had to open the bag in order to have the treats dropped into it. I thought the one handle idea would be a lot easier for her.  It worked great for the 4 year old so do keep that in mind.

Friday, October 4, 2013

MDS 134 - Birthday Invitations using MDS

You probably already know that My Digital Studio (MDS) digital designing software is fantastic for creating printable photobooks, calendars and even cards. But, did you know that can also make party planning fun, fast and fabulous?  My personal favorite is making Invitations!  So simple to do!  Once you design your layout, simply Copy and Paste to make 3 more on an 8.5x11”page.

Done!  You can print using your own printer, send them to your favorite printing place or send them directly to SU!.  Cut them apart and they are ready for sending!

I made her a couple choices for her 8th party in 2012.  Instead of Copying and Pasting four times, I just did it twice to make bigger invitations.

My daughter had sent me links from Etsy that I kind of copied for all the invitations – this was not our original idea.  I just can’t find the links now!

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