Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MDS Adding Text

I want to go a little deeper in to adding and/or changing Text. I am using Windows 7. You Mac or other Windows people may have some adjustments to make. This info plus more can be found by clicking HELP (across the top of the program) and My Digital Studio Help.

To add text to a page, click the Add Text icon on the toolbar of the program (looks like a capital T).

The text will initially display in the center of the page. Click and drag to move the text box. Click one of the gray handles (small boxes) around the edges of the text box to resize or rotate the text box.

Type your text in the text box. Using the Text section of the Design Center (right side of the MDS Program), any changes listed below can be applied.

Select Font - Change the set of text characters by choosing a font from the Select Font drop-down list. This list displays the available fonts installed on your computer.

Line Spacing - To change the vertical space between lines of text, click the up or down arrows next to the number in the Line Spacing value. Alternately, type a number between -10 and 10 directly into the Line Spacing field (press the Enter or Return key to apply).

Size- Change how large the text characters are by choosing a number from the Size drop-down list. You may also type a size directly into the box (press the Enter or Return key to apply).

Style - Click B (bold), U (underline), or I (italic) to apply the selected formatting style to the text.

Alignment - Click an alignment icon to set the text alignment. Left Alignment (the left icon) justifies the text to the left side of the text box. Center Alignment (the middle icon) centers the text in the middle of the text box. Right Alignment (the right icon) justifies the text to the right side of the text box.

Black Text - Click Black Text to change the color of the text in the selected text box to black.

White Text - Click White Text to change the color of the text in the selected text box to white.

Change Color - Click Change Color to change the text color. My Digital Studio features SU!’s exclusive colors, which you can select from the Palette Tab. For this or any other method of choosing colors, the Preview area will show the chosen color; the top color on the right is the original color and the bottom color is the newly selected color.

Match Color - Clicking Match Color opens the Picker tab of the Choose Color window. This tab allows you to pick a specific color that is on the current page. Move your mouse around in the page preview area at the top left of the tab. The zoom area at the top right of the tab will show a pixel by pixel view of your cursor’s position in the preview area. To select a color, move the mouse around in the page preview area and click (left mouse button) when the black crosshair is over the color you would like to select. The color will now display in the Preview area at the bottom of the window.  To select a different color, repeat the last step by clicking when the crosshair is over the desired color.  If the current page does not have the color you want, click Prev or Next to move to a different page.

Rotate (by Degrees) - To rotate the text; drag the slider to set the angle of rotation. The number in the box at the top right will show the angle in degrees. You may also type the angle of rotation directly into the box and press Enter (Return on the Mac) on the keyboard.

Opacity - This allows you to make text semi-transparent (the original state of the text is 100% opaque—not transparent at all). Drag the slider to the left to make the text more transparent. Drag the slider to the right to make the text more opaque (less transparent).

Edit Text - To change the contents of a text box, double-click the text box, or click the text box to select it and then click Edit Text in the Design Center. Click in the text box and type to add new text (or delete current text). Highlight text in the text box by holding the mouse button down as you drag over the text to select. Change style elements of the selected text using the available options.

Remove - Click Remove to delete the text box.

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