Sunday, March 13, 2011

MDS Resource Palette

Know your options under the Resource Palette (shown on the left side of My Digital Studio) and the Design Center (shown on the right side of My Digital Studio). Here is a brief summary of the Resource Palette. I am using Windows 7. You Mac or other Windows people may have some adjustments to make. This info plus more can be found by clicking HELP (across the top of the program) > My Digital Studio Help.

The Resource Palette, shown on the left side of My Digital Studio, allows you to add photos, embellishments, stamps, punches, photo layouts, and background papers to your projects quickly. The palette shows the thumbnails of all the available images.
Photos Palette - loads in available photos for you in your projects.
Embellishments Palette - loads in available embellishments such as brads or ribbon for use in your projects.
Stamps Palette - you’ll find all the available stamps that you can load into your project.
Punches Palette - houses all the punch images that you can use in your project.
Photo Layouts Palette - If you are looking for a pre-designed layout for your photos, look no further than the Photo Layouts Palette.
Background Papers Palette - loads in all the available background papers for your projects.

To select a palette, click the category’s icon. The palette will open, displaying the available images. If no images display, or if you would like to select a different set of images, use the Browse button to open a new set. Select a file (for photos) or a category (for embellishments, stamps, punches, and background papers) and click Open.
To add an image to a page, click the thumbnail, hold down the mouse button, and drag the image to the page canvas. The photo will display in the middle of the page. You can also double click the thumbnail; the image will transfer to the center of the page canvas.
When adding a background paper, you can select to add the paper to the page as a photo. Doing so treats the paper as if it were a photo, making all the photo options (cropping, rotation, etc.) available.
If the page has an unfilled photo box, you can fill the box by dragging one of the photo thumbnails over the box. The box will highlight in yellow to indicate that it will be filled. When you release the mouse, the photo will be placed in the box.
New scrap page will be displayed next Friday.

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