Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MDS Opacity and Drop Shadow

I am using Windows 7. You Mac or other Windows people may have some adjustments to make. All this info plus more can be found by clicking HELP (across the top of the program) > My Digital Studio Help.

Opacity and Drop Shadow buttons can be found in the Design Center, shown on the right side of My Digital Studio.

Opacity (near the bottom, right side) - This allows you to make photos/embellishments/stamps/ text/punches semi-transparent (the original state of the photo is 100% opaque – not transparent at all). Drag the slider to the left to make a photo etc more transparent or drag the slider to the right to make a photo more opaque (less transparent). You may also type the opacity level into the box by clicking the box, entering the number, and pressing Enter (Return on the Mac) on the keyboard.

Drop Shadow - Click Drop Shadow to add a shadow to a photo/embellishments/stamps/ text/punches, or to edit a photo’s existing shadow. A shadow makes the photo stand out and gives it a sense of depth on the page.

In the Shadow Properties dialog:

-Ensure that the Enable Shadow box is checked. Clear the check box to remove the shadow.

-Use the Opacity slider to affect how dark or light the shadow is.

-Use the Blur slider to increase or decrease the sharpness of the shadow’s edge.

-Click Change to choose the shadow’s color.

-Click the shadow in the area to the top right and hold the mouse button while dragging to adjust the shadow’s placement. You may also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to nudge the shadow.

-Click the Apply to all photos on this page box to add a shadow with the same settings to each of the photos on the current page.

-Click the Apply to all photos in this project box to add a shadow with the same settings to all photos on every page in the project.

-Click Reset to Default to clear the current settings.

-Click Save as Default to save your current settings as the default settings for drop shadows.

-Remove is another method for removing the shadow. This method allows you to remove shadows from all photos in the project, all photos on the page, or the selected photo. After clicking Remove, select your choice in the new window that displays.

-Click OK to place the shadow.

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