Tuesday, September 8, 2015

American Girl Doll Scrubs Set Tutorial AG013


Newberry is SEARS brand of the 18” doll.  Zoe is one of their Holiday Edition Dolls for 2014 and has come to live with us.  The AG doll clothes fit her just fine.  I basically followed funthreads tutorial.  Her top pattern was a little big for Isabelle.  I changed the scrub top pattern to this (Label as “shirt front pattern - cut 1 on fold” and “shirt back pattern – cut 2”):

 I also made a notch at the side seams cause once the pattern is removed; it’s difficult to figure out top from bottom.

I drew my seam allowances on both front and back pattern pieces so I could see at a glance what they are.  I made a dot for my neck opening and for the pivot spot at the underarms.  I transferred these dots to my fabric once it was cut out.

Scrub Top:

Serge across top of front, backs and down center back seams.  Place front piece to the backs with right sides together and pin. Chalk mark a dot 6” from the sleeve edge.  Sew the shoulder seam from the sleeve edge to the dot using a 3/8” inch seam.  Press seam open.
Carefully stitch along the neck edge between the dots to hold the fabric down.

Serge and hem the sleeve edges ½” towards the wrong side of the shirt.  Sew side seams rotating at the dot using a 3/8 seam.  Carefully make a small clip in the corner of the under arm to the dot. Do not cut your stitching.  Serge or pink edges.

Sew hem using ½” seam and press.  Add Velcro closure.

Scrub Pants:

I have a pant pattern for cottons that I had already made fit Isabelle so I didn’t try funthreads pattern.  I did a bit of altering to Dollar Doll Clothes Pants/Pajama pattern and I am happy with how they fit.

Sew the center front seam using a 1/4 inch seam.  Baste 10” of ¼” elastic to waist.  Chalk mark and press ½” for the leg hems.

Serge to clean finish elastic at the waist.  Sew the hems and press.

Sew center back seam, adding a ‘back’ tag.
Refold the pants bringing the center seams together and sew the inner legs.  Serge or pink to clean finish.

Scrub Boot:

Draw a 4.5 x 6” rectangle on paper and cut it out.  Label the pattern “scrub boot cut 2”.

Press in half then chalk mark and press the long ends at ½”.

Open pressed seams and sew one short end.  This becomes the boot front.

Box the corners by matching seam with the fold line at the bottom of the boot and sew at ½” from point.

Sew pressed edge to form casing.  Thread with 5” of ¼” elastic.

Sew center back seam.  Box at ½” as the front was done.

Scrub Mask:

Draw a 5 x 4 inch rectangle on paper and cut it out.  Label the pattern “scrub - mask cut 2”.

Fold fabric in half.  Serge along long edges to form a tube.

Turn and press – just make sure the seam that was just sewn is at the back.  Serge the short ends.

I made my own bias with my bias tape maker but you can use purchased if you desire.  Just a Note: one side of boughten bias tape is slightly wider than the other. The wider side will be sewn on the back of the mask.

Cut bias tape 30” long.  Find the center and pin it to the center of the mask. 
With the right sides of the garment facing you, lay the wrong side of the bias underneath so the fabric reaches the center fold line of the bias.  Sew the bias to the fabric edge using a basting zigzag.  Cut another piece of bias at 30” and repeat as above.

Start and finish sewing your bias on a piece of paper – this prevents the fabric from being pushed into the needle plate.  Sew from one end of the bias to the other end.

Pin a couple tucks on each side of the mask.

Sew along the sides to hold the tucks in place.

Scrub Hat

Draw a 12 inch diameter circle on paper and cut it out.  Label the pattern “scrub hat – cut 2”.

Serge around the circle using a ¼” seam leaving a small opening on the edge for turning.

Turn and press.  Press the opening ¼” to the inside.

Sew around the circle again 1/2 inch from the edge to make the casing.

Use a pin on the end of 13” of ¼”elastic to help pull it through the casing.  Sew the edges of the elastic together.

Even out the gathers around the hat.  Pin and sew the opening shut.

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