Tuesday, September 22, 2015

American Girl Doll Halloween Ragged Witch Dress Tutorial AG016

A very neat pattern for this dress!  This is what my pattern looked like on paper.

I won’t go into detail about sewing it as I followed the video by shiny happy world.  I did cut my back open, left an opening 6” from the neck for velcro and sewed the rest closed with a ½” seam.

Once my sleeves were pressed, I covered the stitching line with ¼” wide ribbon.

I cut a bias strip 1.5" wide by 9" long from the printed fabric for the neck.  I folded it in thirds before encasing it to the neckline.
For the bottom, I cut printed fabric 5” high by the shape of the bottom of the dress.  I sewed one side seam, serged the top and bottom and pressed the hem 3/8”, sewed the other side seam an hemmed it.  Put the main dress on the doll and pin the printed fabric under it to the right length.  Cover the stitching line with ½” wide ribbon.  Cut the bottom of the main dress into triangles to give it a ragged look.

Cut printed fabric 2” wide by 14” long.  Sew into a tube with 1/4" seam allowance.  Turn, press and topstitch.
Turn back ½” on one end and insert a ¾” D-ring.  Sew closed.
Cut a 1.5” long piece of soft velcro and sew it to the other end on the right side.  Try the belt on the doll and sew the hard velcro to fit on the right side.
Sew the belt at the back of the dress.
Hat and Trick ‘n Treat Bag
I used the same patterns as AG014.

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