Tuesday, September 15, 2015

AG033 American Girl Doll Ruffled Skirt and T-shirt with Yoke Tutorial

I used a free T-shirt pattern by The Scientific Seamstress (on her February 7, 2011 post called ‘Tee Time’).  I love her idea of hemming the fabric before cutting it out!  Cool!  I didn’t do it this way for this t-shirt but I sure will be doing it on another t-shirt!

I laid a scrap paper on the front and made myself a pattern for the yoke.

Press the bottom edges of the yoke under 3/8”.  Pin to the front.  Since I am using a cotton yoke on a knit fabric, I stitched with a zig zag.  Set aside.

Cut two armbands each 2” x 6.5”.  Fold in half lengthwise.  Sew to bottom of sleeves.  Press seam towards sleeve and topstitch.

Sew the shoulder seams.  Add the sleeves.  Cut a neck band from knit at 1.5” wide x 10” long.  Pull slightly while attaching to the neck.  Cut off excess.

Sew side seams.  Press hem at ½”.  Attach Velcro and hem.

I found these flat discs in my stash so I sewed them on to the yoke.

I started out with Wren Feathers A-line skirt from her April 18, 2013 blog and did the changes in red as shown below.

Sew, pink and press the side seams.  Serge across the waist and each center back seam.  Chalk mark ½” for waist casing.

Press and sew the waist casing.  Insert 9” of ¼” elastic.  Secure ends.  Give elastic a tug then sew at the center front.

Sew center back seam using 3/8” seam allowance.  Set aside.

Cut cotton fabric 4” wide by 24” long.  Press in half.

Open short ends and sew together.  Press.

Use pins or chalk mark the ruffle and skirt in quarters.  Gather the ruffle the Nancy Z way as seen on my AG036 post.  Match chalk marks or pins to the skirt.  Gather.  Press towards the skirt and topstitch.

Here is Zoe (Sears brand of an 18” doll) wearing the same outfit.

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