Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Introducing Isabelle – American Girl Doll of the Year 2014

My 9 year old granddaughter, Olivia was wondering if I could make her American Girl Dolls some clothes.  She was lucky enough to have visited the American Girl (AG) Doll store in Los Angeles when her family took a road trip in 2011.

Upon checking the net, I found lots of free patterns so I thought I would order myself a doll as it is a lot easier to fit a body as guess at it.  Since I know nothing about these dolls, I asked Olivia to suggest which doll I should buy.  She said ‘Isabelle.  She is the Girl of the Year.’  Two weeks later, Isabelle was at my door.

Now, I had visions of making cute little bonnets, fluffy dresses, lacey nighties and even diapers!  To my surprise, there is nothing ‘baby’ about this doll – she is a girl!  Just a plain girl! The frilly stuff I had in mind to make just isn’t going to suit her!  She is definitely a t-shirt, leggings type of girl!  Just a plain and simple girl.

She came in this coral t-shirt, denim type pants and gold shoes.

She was also wearing coral undies.

She had double twists in her hair but they didn’t last long once my 4 year old granddaughter arrived.

Isabelle also has a piece that attaches to her head with pink tipped highlights.

Although a beauty, she is nothing like I was expecting!

That’s ok, I will just change my clothes thinking from frills and fluff to plain.  Isabelle needs clothes too so I will get busy sewing and will return next month with something I have sewed to share with you.  I will also show you page 1 of 11 that I scrapbooked of Olivia’s visit to the American Girl (AG) Doll store this Friday so stay tuned or better yet, sign up to my Blog so you won’t miss any of my AG posts!

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