Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Craft - Shaving Cream Technique

Joanne's SU! Workshop was yesterday.  With so much going on at our reno's, I wasn't sure I could get to the computer to post them so I've decided to post this technique instead of the cards we did. I will post them at the end of next month instead.
This technique has been around for some time.  I had never tried it so thought it was about time.  It is a little bit messy, but has a great result! To do this technique, gather your supplies:

Cheap shaving cream - foam not gel - from the Drug Store.

Glossy photo card paper or Glossy cardstock cut into 4.25x5.5” or so.

Three different colored re-inkers.   I used Bashful Blue, Baja Breeze, and Marina Mist by Stampin Up!.

Something to put the foam into - paper plate, foam plate, ice cream lid or whatever else you have.

Skewer or plastic fork for swirling.

Popsicle stick or plastic knife for scrapping off the foam.

Fair chunk of wax paper.

Kleenex or paper towels.

Cover the bottom of your foam plate with shaving cream.

Use a stick to smooth the shaving cream out a bit.

Add several drops of each of your re-inker colors.

Mix shaving cream and re-inker in a swirling motion.  Don’t swirl it too much as you want contrast.

Lay out the wax paper so it is ready.  Press your card stock into the shaving cream. Make sure you are putting the glossy side down and cover the front completely.  Leave for a minute.

Pull your card stock out of the shaving cream and set on the wax paper.  Lay another piece of glossy card stock on top of the one covered in shaving cream.

Press together, leave for a minute and then pull apart giving you two shaving cream coated pieces of card stock.

Swipe off the shaving cream with a Popsicle stick or plastic knife.

I added a bit more Bashful Blue ink to my foam, swirled then added another piece of glossy cardstock, repeated as above.  Now I have 4 pieces of shaving cream cardstock.  The swirls are not quite as detailed (bottom picture) but it will do.

Polish with a Kleenex or paper towel until the shine returns to your cardstock.

Next, I added some Night of Navy ink drops to my foam.

Repeated as above so I had 4 more pieces of a different color cardstock.

My shaving cream is pretty darn muddy but thought I would try one more re-inker - Cherry Cobbler.  I was able to cover 4 more pieces of cardstock but that is it, it is done!

Now I have an assortment of colored papers to work with.  I will put my thinking cap on and come up with some cards using these papers.

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