Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Craft - How to Make Korker Ribbon

While these bows look difficult to make, they are surprisingly simple. You can make korker ribbon from any type of ribbon - satin, grosgrain, jacquard etc. 1/4 inch or 3/8” widths seem to curl the best. 

 I bought a couple pieces of ¼” dowel – they were 4’ long.  I cut them into 12” lengths.  I then marked the 6” point on each of the 12” pieces of dowel.  I figured I could get two pieces of ribbon on each dowel this way.  You can see the scratch mark on the dowel that isn’t covered with ribbon.

Begin by taking one end of the ribbon and clothespin it to the dowel - I only have a couple of clothespins so I used sewing needles for the most of them, then proceed downward in a spiral pattern around the dowel until I reached the center mark on my dowel, cut it then finished covering the dowel with a second piece of ribbon.  Clothespin this end to the dowel too.

Once you have your dowels filled, soak your ribbon with water.  I have read where some people spray the wet ribbon with starch.  I have tried it both ways and do not see the need for starch.
Line your oven shelves with aluminum foil or use an aluminum tray to set the ribbon covered dowels on.  Place in a preheated oven at 225 degrees.  Allow to bake for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, carefully remove dowels from the oven.  Allow to cool. Using your hands to feel the length of the dowel, check for any remaining wetness.   If there is none, remove the clothespins/needles and, in a downward motion, slide the ribbons from the dowels without changing the corkscrew shape of the ribbons.  If the curl of the ribbon does not seem tight or any wetness remains, return to the oven and repeat the above step every ten minutes until ribbon has a dry, tight curl.  Now I have a selection of korker ribbons to choice from.

As I am not sure how many bows I am going to make, I cut a variety of ribbon at 3” – this means 3” of curled ribbon.  To make one full korker bow you will need approximately 30 3-inch pieces of korker ribbons.

Seal each end with a lighter.

Lay round elastic flat on a work surface – no need to cut it until it is tied. Group the korker ribbons on top of the elastic so that they are perpendicular and cross the elastic.

Lightly tie the elastic around the korker ribbons.  Adjust the korker ribbons that are uneven by pulling them from the opposite side of the bow.

 Tie the elastic very tightly in a double knot around the korker ribbons.

Tie the extending pieces of round elastic to a hair band or clip the round elastic off and hot glue the korker bow to a hair clip or barrette.

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  1. Thanks for the share! This is absolutely fantastic! I just recently found this site that has tons of satin ribbons for sale and have been looking for a project to buy some for! Ah my daughter will love this, thanks again!


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