Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sewing - Sleeve Cuff Pouch

These little cuff pouches  take only minutes to make and will keep all of your miscellaneous items organized and within easy reach.

I saved the cuffs from the shirt from my Mans Shirt into an Apron Tutorial.  I cut one cuff right up against the existing seam but on the other one; I left about .5” of a seam.  Press.

I used fusible web to attach them together.

and reinforced down the center with a zigzag stitch.

Do up the buttons and press to how you would like it then undo the buttons.

Sew the side seams and you are done!

Fill it with accessories from your purse or lipsticks, extra batteries, business cards, pop your phone and lip balm in it and head for the beach or whatever!  You could also sew down the center and have two small pockets if you want.

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