Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sewing - Make a Mans Shirt into an Apron

People don’t seem to wear aprons anymore but I thought it was a cute idea so had to try it.  I found it on Kristin’s blog.

Start with a man's shirt.  Cut off the sleeves and the back. Leave the side seams intact so you don’t have to re-sew the edges. Cut around the collar but leave it intact.

 I cut very close to the collar seam so that I wouldn't have to hem or finish those edges.

Use your rotary cutter and ruler to make a diagonal cut starting at neckband to under the armpit.  Mine ended up a couple of inches below the armpit but that’s ok.  Repeat for the other side.

Now your shirt should look like this:

Lay your sleeves with wrong sides together and cut 4.5” wide pieces for the ties.  I didn’t think one sleeve length would be enough so I cut 2 more partial lengths. As Kristen said, you could use ribbon if you wanted.

Press a .5” hem from the collar to the side seam and sew.

I pieced the ties together.

Press the seams open.

Press the ties together in half.

Open and bring each side to the fold line.

Re-open a press one end to give a clean finish.

Sew along the open edges.

Square off and topstitch the other end of the tie.

Attach this end to the sides of your apron.

Repeat for the other tie.

Since I left the side seams intact, I have nothing to finish there.  Awesome!

I didn’t have a ‘model’ to show off this one so here it is on the floor!

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