Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Craft - Flower Loop Hair Bow

Cut 3 pieces of 7/8 inch ribbon at 8 inches each – if using 3/8 inch wide ribbon, cut 4 pieces.

Burn the edges to seal.  Stack them on top of each other.  Fold with the right sides together to make a loop.

Come in the center of the loop with a threaded needle but stop once your needle is through all 3 ribbons.

Arrange the ribbons equally.

Starting with the ribbon that is on the table (bottom ribbon), take one end of it and put it through the needle.

Continue clockwise around until all the ends are on the needle.

Now pull the needle and take 3 or 4 stitches to secure.

You can make this bow with as many layers as you like; simply decrease the ribbon length by 1” for each layer you add.

To repeat for a second flower, cut 3 pieces of 5/8 inch wide ribbon at 7 inches each.  Seal the ends and continue as for first flower.

Stack the layers from largest to smallest and sew middles together.

Add a button.

Hot glue the flower loop bow to a prepared clip using this tutorial.

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