Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Craft - How to Make a Thread Holder

For years, I used this board (below) that I pounded with nails to hold my thread and bobbins – I just about had the thread transferred to my new holder before I realized I wanted to have a picture of it and was not about to put the thread back!
Although my board worked, I had spotted this Thread Holder by The Creative Homemaker.  I’m not as talented as her so I recruited my hubby to do it for me.  The wooden frame was homemade to fit my space which was 22”long x 32” wide.  Hubby started with 2x4’s then he cut them in half length wise so about 1 5/8" wide.  We sanded each piece.   It could only be 22” long to fit in my space so the two outside pieces were cut to 22” and the shelves were cut in 32” lengths.
I had measured the height of my threads.  Hubby cut the pieces of boards those measurements.
He used those boards to keep the shelves straight as he air nailed them.
We weren’t going to add these trim boards to the sides but not every shelf fit perfectly so it worked great to hide any imperfections.
Now the waiting game - it spent the night in the shop waiting for the spray varnish to dry.
We had this hunk of board that would make a perfect backing for it.  Actually, I’m not really sure it needed a back but I was following what Angela had done.
Once hubby nailed that in place, it was time to pound nails to hold the bobbins.  We put them about 1.75” apart.  I now wish I had put them closer together since I have so many bobbins!
We used pop can tops for the hangers on each end of the board.
Hubby partially screwed a couple of screws at the bottom of both sides so it would tip back once it was on the wall.  We don’t think this ended up being necessary.
The pop can tops did not hold it – the thread holder was just too heavy for them.  It didn’t take hubby long to remedy it and all is well.  Here it is right handy to my sewing machine.
I really like the way it stores my bobbins with the spools.  Don’t forget to Control Your Bobbin Tails as in this post.

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