Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Craft - Changing the Color of your Brads

Yes, this is possible.  Let me show you how easy it is.  I like to use paper fasteners instead of brads sometimes but they only come in gold or silver.  I can change them to any color I want!

You'll need an embossing gun, Embossing powder, pliers or tweezers, Dazzling Diamonds glitter and brads or paper fasteners.

Pick up the brad with the pliers and heat it up with the embossing gun for about a minute.  You want it as hot as possible but do not touch it!

Once you have the brad hot, dip it into the embossing powder – just in and straight out – do not hold it in there.

The embossing powder should melt on the hot brad in about 30 seconds resulting in a smooth shiny finish. It will take about 2 minutes to fully set the embossing powder hard and for the brad to cool down.  However, it didn’t work quite like that on my paper fastener so I re-heated with my embossing gun.

In small circular motions and a distance of about 6” from the brad, I added a touch of heat to the areas that had not melted. The circular motion and the slight distance will still keep the brad finish smooth.

To make them sparkle, heat the brad again with the heat gun to heat the embossing powder slightly in a small circular motion and about 6” in distance for 5 seconds and then dip in glitter!

How cool is that!

Take a brush and gently brush off the excess glitter.

Now you can go ahead and purchase any kind of ‘ugly’ colored brads or paper fasteners and make them unique.

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