Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sewing - The Monster Knee Patch

My daughter spotted something similar to this on Pinterest.  Isn’t it just the cutest??  What little guy wouldn’t love this!!  Love it!  Let’s do it!
Open the seam on the jeans that has not been topstitched.  Don’t make the opening too small – far better to have lots of room to work in.  I stuck pins at approximately the size I wanted to make the patch – this measured 7” square.
Draw a mouth opening on the jeans and cut out.
From a t-shirt, I cut 2 thicknesses each for the top and bottom teeth, fused them together with fusible web and traced some jaggedy teeth!
Cut out the teeth and topstitched.  I also patched the two sides of the mouth that were ripped.
Pin one to the top and one to the bottom part of the mouth.
Zigzag around the opening catching the teeth – this is where you really appreciate that side seam being open!
Since I didn’t have anything heavy enough to make the inside patch, I used some light weight fabric and used fusible web to adhere it to the right side of the denim to give it more stability.  I cut everything 7” square since that is what I wanted the patch to be.
Serge or zigzag on three sides – the fourth side will be caught in the side seam of the jeans.
Pin to the mouth opening – I like to place a book or in this case, I used my ruler while pinning so I would not catch the back leg with my pins.
I stitched twice around the opening.
Turn jeans inside out.  Pin around the outside of the patch and sew in place – I straight stitched first then went around again with a zigzag.
Trace two larger circles from white t-shirt and two smaller ones from a scrap of denim.  I used the cap off the vitamin C bottle for the white and this flashlight for the denim. Sure hope the disappearing ink pen I used really does disappear!
Zigzag the denim to the white.
Pin eyes to the jeans and stitch in place.

Close the side seam and there you have it!
Can’t wait to see what happens once the jeans get washed a few times.  I think the fraying will really add to this little monster!

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