Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sewing - How to Patch Jeans

Welcome to another Sewing project.
My grandson brought over a pair of jeans.  “Can you fix this Gramma?’  Of course I can.  I thought I’d share how I do my jean patching especially if it is just a small hole.
Cut a patch of denim bigger than the hole. Using pinking shears, trim all four sides of the patch or you could serge all the raw edges. Press flat.
Cover the right side of the patch with fusible web. Use a scrap of fabric to cover your work surface and to protect your iron.  Sometimes it can be tricky to remove the paper backing from the glue.  A little trick – scratch it with your scissors.
Now you can easily grab the paper and remove it.

Cover your ham with a cloth.  Insert into your jeans to give yourself a rounded area to attach the patch.
Place the fusible web patch on top of the hole.

Set your iron directly down onto the patch and hold for a moment. Lift the iron and set the iron it down for about 10 seconds. The patch should now be cleanly attached to the underside of the jeans.

Turn the jeans right sides out and trim any long threads from the hole. 
Sew with a straight stitch all around the perimeter of your patch. This secures the patch to the jeans.

From the right side, zig-zag around the perimeter of the hole opening, securing the fabric around the hole so that it doesn't get caught on other objects.  Using thread that matches the jeans would make it more invisible than the gray I used.

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