Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MDS - Happy Birthday Olivia, Heather’s Class

Happy Tuesday to you!  Do you know what that means?  Digital Download day!  Whooo hooo!  Head on over to My Digital Studio.net to see what's new today!
Another great layout and copy from Heather’s Bonus class of 10 days.  I wanted to use the Check It Out Photo box punches (because the corners are rounded) for all my pictures as Heather did in her class page.  Unfortunately, within a punch you can't rotate an image.  I went into my photo program, rotated the image then inserted it into the punch but they still went in sideways so I had to use photo boxes for some of the pictures.  Another problem I have (on any page, not just this one), is my items do not Send Backwards with either Ctrl/Shift/down arrow or by clicking on the Send Backwards button.  I wanted the Text to be sent behind my pink piece, instead, I had to bring the photo to the front!  Regardless of my troubles, it is another page done in my daughters’ 2011 album & she’ll never know I had these troubles! Anyways, do sign up to Heather’s MDS Made Simple 2 class HERE otherwise you are really missing out!  Watch for another of Heather’s class pages I did next Tuesday & my regular scrap page on Friday.
Paper: Pink Passion, Turquoise, Sunny Day.

Punches: Photo Boxes – Check This Out (last one), Square.

Stamps: Number One Overlay 1 – pink passion with opacity 40; Vintage Overlay – 3rd from the bottom, white, flipped & rotated, opacity to 80; Bring on the Cake; Piece of Cake.

Embellishments: Sunny Day (shortened my ribbons by right clicking on the ribbon once it was on my page. Edit Object - (my Units are in inches) then change the width ONLY (in my case, I changed it to 8). You MUST unclick the Keep Proportions box before X'ing out).

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