Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Craft - How to Cover Spring Hair Clips

This technique is not original but they are awfully cute so I thought I’d share.  My daughter says she pays big bucks for these so I thought I’d help her out!!
I had a lot of troubles trying to find these clips. In my days of doing hair, I used to have lots.  Since I haven’t done hair for years, I gave all my perm rods, clips etc to the Interval Home.  Darn!!  Anyways, I did finally find some that will work.
To begin, kinda wrap the ribbon around your clip to get an approximate length.   Mine took about 7.75 inches but I was generous.   I am using Satin Stitched ribbon in the new color, Raspberry Ripple by Stampin Up.  It is 3/8 inches wide so it worked great.
To keep the ends from fraying, you can run a quick lighter flame along the cut ends.
I am using Fabri-Tac glue as well as my hot glue gun.  You could use the hot glue all the way but it is a bit bumpy once it dries.  Begin by hot gluing only the end of the ribbon to the inner side of the lower inside portion of the clip. I used a paper clip to quickly press the ribbon to the clip.  Watch that you are keeping the ribbon straight!   Then, add Fabri-Tac glue to the ribbon.
Turn it over and add some glue on the inside of the clasp.
Wrap it around to the bottom side of the clip. Make sure to pull tight at the edge of the clip.
Then, add hot glue to the curve of the clasp.
Pinch clasp open, and wrap all the way around and under the top clip. Again, pull tight at the edge.
Trim off any extra and heat set the edge.
You can leave these clips as is, or you can jazz them up even more with some fun jewels, ribbons or buttons!  You can also add a non-slip grip to them real easy too. Cut them the size of the clip and they won’t fall out of fine hair.  I would skip the jewels for little ones that like to put things in their mouths as there is no real way to know they won’t come off.

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