Friday, January 22, 2016

AG032 18” Doll Tutorial Infinity Scarf and Knit dress

I have Charlsea from Maplelea modelling this outfit.  For the dress, I used Susan Kramer’s free jumper pattern - I can't see, to find it on her site now but maybe you can.  I raised the neckline about 1/2" and raised the armhole about 1” to make the armhole smaller.  I also opened the center back.  I used mycupoverflows sleeve pattern – I added about an inch onto the length of that.

Prep the sleeve by hemming the bottom about ¼”.

Run a basting stitch at the top of each sleeve and pull threads to gather.

Insert 5” of 1/8” elastic into hem casing.  Secure both ends.  Set aside.

Apply about 4” of interfacing to each center back at Velcro placement.

Press one side under ½” to serve as a guide later on.

Sew shoulder seams, pink and press open.

I cut the neckband 1.5” wide by 10” long.  Sew, stretching slightly.  Trim off excess neckband.  Pink and clip.  Topstitch towards the dress.

Sew about 2.5” of Velcro to the back seams.

Sew center back closed about 4” from bottom.

Press back seam to one side following the same direction as your prefold.  Bartack at the top of the seam for a little extra security.

Attach sleeves.  Pink and clip.
Sew the side seams.  Clip and press.  Hem bottom of dress at ½”.


I cut the belt 1.5” wide by 16” long, sewed it into a tube, turned and pressed.

Fit to the doll.  Trim off excess.  Add a rhinestone buckle slider.  Sew about 1” of Velcro to each end.

Infinity Scarf 
There are lots of patterns for this on Pinterest.  I cut mine 4.5” wide by 26” long.  I’m using a different scarf than the one that goes with this dress and that’s because I forgot to take pictures!  Anyways, I like to press about 4” of my fabric under as a guide for later – I’ve put pins to show you what I mean.

Fold the fabric into a tube with right sides together but leave about 2” open on both ends.

Turn the tube right side out.  Pin the two short ends together – be sure you have the right sides together and sew.

Now, fold under the opening using your pressed marks and pin.

Topstitch closed.

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