Tuesday, July 21, 2015

American Girl Doll Jumper Top and Leggings Tutorial AG009

Here is an outfit I made for the girls last summer.  Little slow at posting it!  Click "Like" on my American Girl Doll Creations by Carole Facebook page to receive updates when new items are introduced AND sign up to my Blog so you won’t miss any of my AG posts!

Jumper Top Tutorial

I found this free jumper pattern by Susan Kramer and did a few changes to it to make it more of a fitted jumper.  I copied and pasted the pattern into Word then dragged the corner dot until her squares where 1”on my computer.  There probably is an easier way but this is how I did it.

The shoulders looked a little wide so I narrowed the neck part by a ¼”.  I raised the armhole by about 3/4” as I wasn’t intending to put a blouse under it.  I cut a front and back lining rather than fiddle with turning the neckline and armholes under ¼”.

I used Susan’s ‘center fold’ as the cutting line for the back.  I want to add a Velcro closure.  I also moved the center front fold in about 3/8” as I wanted it to fit a bit tighter than a dress.

Shortened the hem ½” which allows for a half inch hem.

From the flare, I drew a line in about 1.5” and joined that line with my new armhole.

Chalk mark a 1/2” hem line on the right side of front and back.

Stitch the shoulder seams of both main and lining sections.  Press open.  Meet lining right sides together with the jumper top.

Stitch the neckline and armholes ¼”.

Trim with pinking shears.

Turn right side out by pulling the back to the front.  Press.

Open lining under the arms and sew side seams from top to bottom.  Press.

Serge across the bottom edges of the front and back lining.  Serge each back seam and hemline.  Press the hem a 1/2”.

Topstitch around armholes.

Sew back seam 3.5“from bottom using a half inch seam allowance.  Sew hem.  Topstitch neck opening and add Velcro.  I sewed a piece of ¾” wide ribbon to the back seam by 24” long to give a side tie belt.

I then attached a necklace that I bought at the Dollar store.

Leggings Tutorial

I really enjoy the Dollar Doll Clothes patterns!  I simply printed them out and started playing.   I used her Leggings pattern and split the pattern down the center, lengthwise and added about 3/8”.  It all depends on the amount of stretch your fabric has.  After I made the leggings, I found the front to be a bit high so I lowered it on the pattern by about 3/8”.  This is what my pattern looks like.

Add ¼” onto the center front fold line if your pattern doesn’t fit on the fold of the fabric as mine didn’t.  Sew closed.  Chalk mark a 3/8” hem on the right side.

Baste 9” of ¼” wide elastic to wrong side, stretching to fit waist.  Hem legs.

Stretch and serge across the elastic to give a clean finish – I prefer to leave the elastic as is rather than make a casing.

Sew the back seam.  Add a little tag so the child knows this is the back.

Sew inside legs.  Trim with pinking shears and clip at the crotch area.

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