Tuesday, May 12, 2015

American Girl Doll Western Outfit Tutorial AG017

The girls are going western!  This is an A-Line skirt by WrenFeathers .  Love her patterns!  Ordering info for this outfit is on my American Girl Doll Creations by Carole Facebook page if you are interested.

Did these alterations to the skirt as below.

Chalk mark top and bottom of skirts at ½”. Serge to clean finish.

Press on chalk marks.

Topstitch back waist only.  Insert 4.5” of ¼” wide elastic.  Stitch to secure.

Pin side seams.  Open front waist.

 Wrap the front waistband to the back.

Sew side seams.

Flip front waistband.

Topstitch front waistband.

Topstitch hem.

Cut fabric 1” wide by 20” long.  Put through the bias maker to make the folds.

Unfold and insert a strip of stitch witchery down the center to ‘glue’ the edges.

Topstitch from the right side – did you know that if you start sewing the fabric on a piece of paper, your machine won’t push the fabric down through the needle plate.  Awesome trick!

Put the skirt on the doll.  Add the slider.  Arrange to your liking.  I tacked the belt down at the center back seam and at her left hip.  Then I stitched under the slider to help keep the ties open.

Peasant Blouse: 
This is also a pattern by WrenFeathers but did a bit of altering.  I drew straight across the tops of the sleeves, the front and the back as I did not want to add bias tape.  Worked out good.
I also added ½” on to the bottom of the sleeve and had to do some changes to the top to make it fit.

Chalk mark and press ½” on the hems at the neck, arms and waist.

Sew sleeves to front and back.

Pink and press.

Serge the neck opening, bottom of sleeves and back openings to clean finish.

Topstitch neck edge and hem the sleeves.

Use 11” of ¼” wide elastic at the neck.  Secure.

Sew side seams.  Pink and press.

Sew back seam to dot using ½” seam allowance.  Hem and attach velcro.

Bar tack at back seam.

Cut a square fabric 12” x 12”.  Pull threads to fringe. Scarf can also be worn as a cape, a hair kerchief tied at the back or front, roll it up and wear it as a sailor tie, an infinity cowl, a headband, a bandana tied at the front or back.

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