Tuesday, May 19, 2015

American Girl Doll Bandeau Top and Jean Skirt AG026

Bandeau Top
This is a quick and easy top to make.  No pattern needed!
Cut a band 3” wide x 13” long.  Fold in half with wrong sides together.
Pin to doll.
Cut a piece of fabric 5” long by 15” wide.  Pin, with wrong sides facing out, to the doll at the bottom of the band.  Pin the sides to the shape of the doll.
Sew where the pins are.
Trim with pinking shears and press.  Attach to bottom of band.  Serge or pink edges.  Press towards the band and topstitch.
Try on the doll to determine the hem line.  Allow ½” for hem.

Okay, I now have a problem!  as I was watching my Soaps in bed one evening, a lady brought her sewing machine over for Mr Service Man to service.  He went into my sewing space and tells me he found this piece of fabric on the floor so he used it to do his machine testing!  Awwwww!  Guess I will have to keep my sewing space a little neater!  Since I don’t feel like unpicking all his test stitches, I’ll continue with a different top that I've prepped this far.
Cut straps 1-1/2” wide by 14” long.  Fold strap in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.  Gently press the fold to create a center crease.  Open the folded strip and lay it flat, wrong side up.  Fold one of the straps long raw edges in toward the center fold and press a crease into this folded edge.  Repeat for the other long raw edge.   Set aside.

Fold back fabric at center back to fit doll.  Attach velcro.  Hem the bottom.
Topstitch and fold strap in half.  Pin to the center front.
Put top on the doll and pin straps in place at the back.
Topstitch across the top of the band.  Use a small zig zag when crossing over the back and front straps.
Sew a button at the center front.

4079A Jean Leg Skirt
This is so simple. All you need to do is to cut off the end of a jeans leg, add a 10” long piece of 1/2” wide elastic to turn a jeans leg into a skirt.

I do not want to add a casing at the waist.  The denim is too bulky.  Cut the jean leg at 5.25” from bottom of hem.  Sew the elastic into a circle.

Divide elastic in half.  Pin to half way points on the skirt.  The seam at the back is NOT a center line so remember that.
Zig zag baste the elastic to skirt.  Use a serger to clean finish.  Zig zag at the bottom of elastic.
Very cute eh?
Now add buttons starting just above the hem then 1” apart.

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