Monday, February 3, 2014

Sewing – Elastic Neck Child’s Tea Towel Apron

This apron with elastic around the neck is so much easier for little ones to “do it themselves”!  I needed to cut my towel to about 17” long for my 3 year old cook.   I cut it off the top to leave the hemmed piece at the bottom.  Then, fold the towel in half.  From the center fold, measure out 2.5”.  From the sides, measure down 6”.  Join the two pins with your ruler and cut off.  Although this is not the apron I used, you want it to end up looking like this – just follow the above measurements if you are making one for a 3 year old.

Follow these instructions for making your own binding tape.  Let us now apply it to this apron. I attached a piece across the top using a zigzag stitch.

I stitched together 14” for one tie, encased one edge of the apron until I got to the neck piece.  I measured out 21” of binding to go around the neck, left a small opening to thread elastic at each end, and continued sewing the other side of the apron and tie.

I used 10” of one eighth wide elastic to thread through the opening.

I sewed the hole closed; catching the elastic in the seam, then trimmed the elastic.

My 3 year old is ready to bake!

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