Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sewing - Santa's Face Scarf

Cut red fleece 10" x 60" or whatever width your fleece is.  Fold in half so it's long and skinny. Taper one end into a triangle – chalk mark the center then measure up about 6.5”.

Cut on these lines. This will be the end of Santa's hat.

I punched 3 circles from cardstock – ¾” for the eyes, 1” for the nose and 13/8” for the mouth using SU! circle punches.  I used this template for tracing on to the fabric.  I backed each piece with paperback fusible webbing before I cut them.

From white fleece cut 2 pieces 4.75” x 6" (beard) and one at 2.5” x 5” for the hat trim.  I traced the mustache from a children’s coloring book.

I used about a 4” bowl to trace a circle for the pompom.

Cut face 5.5" x 5" from the flesh colored fabric (face) - I used pale pink broadcloth.  Mark the 5.5” end at 5”.  Now we have an imaginary 5” square.  Mark a line at ½”, another at 1” and the last one at 3.75” from the bottom.  Mark a center line too for easier placement of the face pieces.

Press the ½” under and trim with pinking shears.

Pin to corner of red fleece.  Pin hat trim to match the top line.

Sew around three sides, leaving the bottom open.  Sew across the bottom of hat trim too.

Attach one beard to the next line.  I don’t want to catch it in the side seam when I sew so that’s why it’s not cut as wide as the fleece.

Sew in place across the top only.

Iron mouth in place (since it is backed with fusible webbing).

Iron the mustache in place.

Add the nose and eyes.

Fold fleece in half so it's long and skinny. Sew around the long edges and the point. Leave the end with face open so you can turn it.

Sew remaining beard on the line under the first beard through all thicknesses.

Trim extra away with pinking shears.

Cut the beard with pinking shears into 1/2" wide strips. Cut each beard separately.

Stitch around the edges of the circle with a basting stitch to make the pompom.

Stuff with cotton balls or batting then pull thread tight and attach to the tapered end of Santa's hat.

He is complete! Isn’t he adorable??!!

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