Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sewing - Baby Ribbon Tag Blanket from a Face Cloth

No matter what toy you give a baby, have you noticed that they play with the tag the most?  Why not make them a toy that is all tags!  Babies can easily grab hold, and they love to feel the different textures.  Perfect for little hands just learning to grasp, these blankets are great for tactile development.  Be creative - use different colors and textures. I use various widths of satin and grosgrain ribbons.

You need 2 face clothes to make these.  Prewash them.  I’m going to leave the tag on the face clothes in place as it is a bit noisy/crinkly to the touch.

Choose ribbon that coordinates or contrasts with your cloth. Cut 16 pieces about 7” in length.

Fold ribbon in half so that the cut ends meet and wrong sides are together.  Sew ends together, chaining as you go.

Seal the ends with a lighter.

Mark wrong side of face cloth for the ribbon placement with chalk. Because my clothes weren’t square, I used 2.25” spaces on my short side and 2.5” spaces on my long side, starting at 2” from the corners.  Place ribbon on wrong side of face cloth at each chalk mark, leaving them extended about 2”.  I like to leave lots of ribbon inside the cloth so it doesn’t pull out.

Place the second face cloth on top.  Hammer all four corners to reduce thickness.  I placed a piece of wax paper on the corners so as not to leave any marks.  Pin and sew close to edges.  Sew another seam approximately ½” from your original seam.  The topstitching really helps the blanket maintain shape through the wash.  We know they will be washed often!

Once the blanket is completed, wash it before giving it to baby. You can also attach teething toys, etc to the ribbons for added fun!

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