Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sewing - Quick Headband

I made a few of these headbands for my granddaughters. Fast and easy! I believe I seen this on Pinterest a long time ago just so I am not the original creator!
Cut fabric 21″x3.5″ - this could be narrower if you want.

With right sides together fold the fabric piece in half the long way.  Sew along the unfinished edge with a ¼” seam allowance.

Turn right side out.

Press the headband so that the seam is in the middle.

With the seam side facing up, fold the ends in to make a point and press.

Fold the pointed edge of the headband over a hair band and pin in place.

Sew a triangle on the folded point of the headband to hold the hair band in place.

Repeat for the other unfinished end. Watch that you do not twist the headband. That is all there is to it!

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