Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sewing - Make a Flat or Curling Iron Holder

This is an old project that I used to make years ago.  Back then, it was easy to find 6 x 6 inch pot holders.

All I could find were these 7 x 9” ones at Walmart.  So, I will work with them.

 To turn a pot holder into a Flat/Curling Iron Holder, set your curling iron on the pot holder to determine where to sew.

Fold pot holder over the curling iron with wrong sides together and pin.

 Simply sew from the top pin all away around to the fold.

In a few minutes, you can sew a handy curling iron holder.  This is the best thing you will ever make!  Great for travel when you need to pack your curling/straight iron before it has time to cool.

I do have extras made up.  $8.00 plus an Express envelope if you are interested.

Check back on Friday for my regular MDS digital scrap page.

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