Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sewing - Kitchen Towel Grocery Bag Holder

Welcome to a Sewing project today.
Here it is hanging in my broom closet.
This project is so easy to make and handy to have in your kitchen to store all those plastic grocery bags for re-use.  I picked up this 3 pack of Kitchen Towels at Walmart.  They measured 19 inches wide by 29 inches long.  Because I have these labels, I had to add one.
Since the short ends are already hemmed for us, find your favorite tool for threading elastic.

The only safety pin I had was too big so I threaded 12 inches of .25 wide elastic with my bodkin but I pinned the safety pin to the opposite end of the elastic to prevent it from pulling through.

With the safety pin and bodkin still in place, I stitched each side to secure the elastic.  This is the top of the bag.  Repeat for the bottom of the bag using 10 inches of .25 inch wide elastic.

Fold your towel in half, right sides together, and sew along the long edge to form a tube.  I used a zipper foot so I could sew right up against the existing seam.

Cut grosgrain ribbon about 10 inches long.  Burn the ends to prevent them from fraying.

Fold in half to make a loop. Tack this to the top of the bag for the hanger.

The top of this bag is so thick that I used the Jean-a-ma-jig to put the pressure foot at the same height as the seam.  Trim the elastic.

This is what a jean-a-ma-jig looks like.  It arrived in last years Christmas card from my sister!  Just the handiest tool!  Thanks again Arlene!

Hang it up and fill it with plastic bags by stuffing bags into the top of your holder and pulling them out through the bottom.  Make extras for the craft room, baby’s room, cabin and even the garage!

If you would prefer to buy one, I have a few on hand for $15.00 plus Express envelope. Click on the Buy Now button to order.  Email me and I will send you more details.

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