Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Craft - Double Wreath and Yellow Hair Bows

Start with a prepared Hair Clip from this post.  Set aside.
Cut 3 pieces of ribbon about 5”, 3.5” and.75” long.  I am using Satin Stitched ribbon in the new color, Midnight Muse by Stampin Up.   Seal the ends with a lighter flame.  Fabri-Tac the two longer pieces into a circle.
Fabri-Tac the circle in the center to make a bow.
Stack the bows and Fabri-Tac together.  Fabri-Tac to a prepared Hair clip and wrap the small piece of ribbon around it, trimming and re-heat setting if necessary.
That is it!

Ok, now onto a very simple hair bow.
Cut a piece of cardboard 2” wide, cut about a ¼” slit in the center; cut .5” or 5/8” wide ribbon 10” long, cut the ends on an angle and heat seal the ends; cut 3/8” wide ribbon 3” long, seal the ends and tie into a knot.
Wrap the long ribbon around the cardboard, moving it up about 1/8” on each wrap.  I used paper clips to hold in place.
Run a basting stitch through the center of the ribbon.
Remove paper clips and remove ribbon from cardboard.  Pull thread tight, wrapping it around a few times.
Fabri-Tac the center of the knot to the center of the bow.
Wrap ends to the back of the bow, trimming and re-heat setting.  Fabri-Tac to a prepared Hair clip and that is it!

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