Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MDS - Magazine Cover Challenge, Heather’s Class2

Once again, it is TUESDAY!!  You know what that means!!  DOWNLOAD DAY!!  Yippee Yahoo!  Check them out!
One of Heather’s favorite features in Scrapbooks Etc. is seeing the cover options that are created - they usually have four pages that all have the same photo and one ends up on the cover, while the other three are showcased in the front of the magazine. She thought we could try something similar so she included a 3 generations photo of her family and challenged us to create a page. This wasn’t a contest, simply a fun way to see how everyone used the photo.

It was an honor to work with a picture of such distinguished ladies!  Not sure my page would make the cover of any magazine but I enjoyed the challenge!  I started out using a sketch by Alesha Walls.
Paper: Tempting Turquoise opacity 80%.

Stamps: Notes and Details, Decorative Overlays.

Embellishments: Brads, Get it Done.

Punches: Square, Timeless Types Junior Numbers, Curly Label, Flag, Eyelet border, Butterfly Shape 1 and 2.

Font: Simply Glamorous.

I tried to remember all the ‘techniques’ I used on this page that I’ve learned from Heather in these two classes.

Zooming in on a picture – didn’t know that button existed!

Center vertically/horizontally on a page – what a time saver!

Making a double label punch with ease.

Using the Change Object layer button – this is such a great function.  Mine doesn’t always work but when it does, it is awesome!

Zooming in on a page – I never used this function very much, don’t know why.  I sure do now tho!

Changing the color of a drop shadow – so neat!

Grouping to resize all in one step!

ScrapSketch55 - for the long weekend!
Alesha's Sketch
I realize that Heather didn’t invent all these fantastic functions in MDS but she is responsible for bringing them to my attention and for that, I would really like to thank her!  The classes were so worth it!

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