Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MDS - On the Farm, Heather’s Class2

Happy Tuesday to you!  Do you know what that means?  Digital Download day!  Whooo hooo!  Head on over to My Digital Studio.net to see what's new today!
Not sure that I am done posting all my pages from Heather’s first class and here I am going on to pages I made from her MDS Class2!  Oh well, I haven’t had anything in order yet so why start now!  Another great layout, thank you Heather!  This isn’t quite like her page – she used various tag punches but I chose the lazier way, I guess!  Hope you enjoy it!
Paper: Number One – 13.

Stamps: Piece of Cake, Barnyard Buddies.

Embellishments: Stitching, Number One, Rose Red Ribbon,

Punch: Timeless Type Junior Letters.

Font: CK Mystery size 58.

I have put one of my zig zags from the Embellishments into my Stamps folder, hence the rose red zig zag – a tip Heather showed us in the first class.

If you want in on Heather’s tricks & tips, you still have time to sign up to her MDS MadeSimple 2 class.  Because the daily posts don't happen anymore, the site remains open with the content, videos, photos, and discussions etc available until the end of October.

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