Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sewing - Placemat Purse Organizer

Found this on Jen’s blog.  Really a good idea so when I was in the city the other day, I picked up some placemats - some of them had a plastic coating on the back which might work out ok for a purse organizer.  They were stiffer to work with tho.
There is no reason you couldn’t hem a piece of 12”x18” stiffer fabric and go from there.
With the wrong side facing up, fold the placemat in half, length-wise. If possible, crease with an iron.  I had to finger press because of my plastic backing.


Open up the placemat and fold one long side up to the crease you just made.
Repeat  with the other side.  Thought I would try and press on low heat with my iron but it piddled on my placemat!!

Cut a 4-inch piece of 1/4″ elastic and loop it between the two “flaps” on one of the sides, making sure the ends fall in the path of the 1/2″ seam allowance.
With a washable marker, lightly draw a line half-inch from each side – basically right on the existing seam that is on the napkin.  Using the line you just drew as the starting point, draw 4 more lines; the first two about 4 inches apart, and the fourth line about 3 inches from the previous line or you can adjust the size of these pockets to fit your items.
Because of my plastic backing, I did not want to use pins to hold my organizer; instead, I used paper clips to do the trick.
Straight stitch down the 1/2″ line, double stitching over the elastic.  Stitch along the remaining lines.
Now fold the whole thing in half, length-wise.
Sew on a large button.
That’s it! My daughter was here at the time I finished this - her purse was seriously in need of organization!  We filled it with her supplies.
And here it is in her purse – apparently it isn’t just an ordinary purse … it is a Coach!  Notice how nicely her credit card wallet fits in the middle of the organizer!
If you would prefer to buy one, I have a few on hand for $15.00 plus Express envelope.  Click on the Buy Now button to order. When they are gone, they are gone!

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