Tuesday, August 16, 2016

AG045 18” Doll Jean Skirt and Heart Pop Top Tutorial

Jean Skirt

Once you have made a jean skirt using the hem of the jeans as I did in AG026, you can continue making skirts as there is a lot of leg left on the jeans.  Cut 5-1/2” from bottom of leg. 

Refold the leg with the top stitched seam placed on the fold.  Measure about 7” from the fold and cut – I don’t find the skirts look quite as cute if they are much wider than that. 

Serge each center back seam and across the hem to clean finish.  Press hem up at ½”. 

Cut ½” wide elastic at 9” long.  Place center of elastic to center of waist on the wrong side.  Zig zag across top and bottom of elastic, stretching to fit. 

Serge top of waist to clean finish. 

Sew center back seam.  Topstitch the hem over the elastic at center back seam. 

Heart Applique Pop Top

I came across this shrug by daydreamdollboutique.  It was exactly what I was looking for!  She made hers from felt but I wanted to use fabric plus I wanted the opening at the back.  So I made some minor adjustments and came up with exactly what I wanted. I put notches at the shoulder seams as it can be difficult to figure out top and bottom! Here is my pattern: 

I punched a heart from cardstock using my Stampin’ Up punch then traced it on to the fabric. 

I pressed a crease down the center front for a guide for my heart placement.  Baste heart in place then zig zag around it.  I used my sewing machine to sew on the buttons. 

Serge the shoulder seams together.

Cut a piece of knit 1-1/2” wide by at least 9” long.  Apply to neck opening stretching as you sew.  Trim excess.

Serge the center back seams with a couple of inches of interfacing reinforcement for Velcro placement.

Serge and press under sleeve hems about ¼”.  Topstitch.

Sew side seams.  Clip curves.

Serge across hem, press under 1/4” and topstitch.  Add Velcro. 

Here is Jenna, my Maplelea doll wearing the same outfit.

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