Friday, December 4, 2015

AG039 18” Doll Snow Queen Gown Tutorial

I started working on a pattern for this last January!  I even bought a couple patterns but I ended up taking about 6 hours to make them from start to finish!  Way too much work!  So, I started trying to come up with something a little quicker and more affordable!  After many, many, many gowns, I come up with this pattern.  It may not be exactly as Elsa’s costume but it’s my Snow Queen gown!  For the most part, I used Shwin and Shwin free pattern but I did make changes.

Bodice:  I used The Chloe Dress bodice.  Cut 2 from a sheer knit fabric - I used a nylon chiffon tricot in light blue.  Place right sides together and sew around the neck.

Pink, turn and topstitch.  Zig zag to hold bottoms together.  Press and set aside.


The Shwin and Shwin sleeve pattern was a bit loose so I altered it until it fit the way I wanted.  I wanted a point on my sleeve so I simply folded the sleeve pattern in half and extended it with a point.  I also made a facing for it.  Sew the facings to the bottom of the sleeves.

Pink, turn and topstitch.  Zig zag facing at the top to hold in place.  Press and set aside.

Train:  I used Ice Organza Silver Star fabric in turquoise from for the train.  I made my train wider at the bottom than Shwin and Shwin’s pattern.  I also curved it to make the sewing easier.  Serge both center back seams to clean finish.  Sew center back seam together with ½” seam allowance to about 10” from the bottom.  Press open and topstitch edges.

Serge then hem the outer edges.

Bar tack at the 10” opening.  Set aside.

Bodice Accent: I transferred the bottom dot to the front of my accent piece by placing a piece of scotch tape to the front and marking the dot.  I got this fabric from Jo-Ann’s fabric - it is called Ultimate Hawaii.  I don’t think they sell it anymore.

I just happened to have this pearl trim in my stash.  Sew the trim to the right side of the bodice accent piece until you reach the dot using the zipper foot.  Clip and continue sewing to the other side.  Remove tape.

Because my thread was a good match to my fabric, I topstitched the pearl trim now.  I found that it cooperates a bit better later on.   Pin right side of bodice to wrong side of dress (Two Tone Taffeta fabric in aqua from front and sew along the top. Clip to dot and pink the edges.

Turn accent piece to the front.  Topstitch along the top for better cooperation later.

Pin in place.

Topstitch along the pearls again to secure to the dress front using the zipper foot.

Pin accent piece to bodice front and sew in place along the side seams, armholes and across the top over your previous topstitching.  Set aside.

Back Skirt:  baste wrong side of train to right side of skirt backs.

Pin and serge to the back bodice.

Serge center back edges to clean finish.  I also serged over about a 4” length of interfacing at the top to prevent stretching.

Cut two pieces of ¼” elastic each 3” long.  Mark ½” from each end for a tail to hang on to.  Pin one mark at ¼” from side seam and the other mark at ½” from the center back.  Stretch and zigzag elastic over the waist seam.

Sew center back seam closed with ½” seam allowances about 7” from bottom.  Press to one side and bartack.

Sew in the sleeves.  Pink edges to clean finish.

Serge one side seam – avoid catching the train in the seam.  Press.  Serge hem and press at 3/8”.

Serge the other side seam being careful not to catch the train in the seam.  Hem skirt.  Add about 4” of Velcro at the back.

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