Tuesday, November 3, 2015

AG038 18" Doll Santa Cape Tutorial

Grace is going to help me make this cape following Old Days Old Ways instructions called ‘Doll Cape--from Santa Hat’ from her December 22, 2009 Blog.

Open the seam of the purchased Santa Hat, remove the fur from the bottom and if it has a pompom, remove it.

Follow Old Days Old Ways instructions to make the darts.

Once I pinned the darts at the shoulders, I traced the fabric on to paper for a pattern as I wanted to make more capes than one.

Lay the pattern on to the hat as close to the bottom as possible.

To make the hat from the left over piece, measure 4” at the top and 5” at the bottom. Cut and set aside.

Turn center front seams of the cape to wrong side using 3/8” seams.  Create a tuck at one end of a 14” length of 7/8” wide ribbon.  Pin the ribbon under the 3/8” seam about ¼” from the top.  Topstitch down the center front seam.  Repeat for the other side.

Sew the fur to the bottom of the cape.  Clip and serge to clean finish.

Sew the darts at the shoulders and trim to about ¼”.  Set aside.

Sew center back seam of the hood.  Put it on the dolls head.

As you can see, the hood does not come to the front of the dolls head so, pin the fur so the fur is at the front of the dolls head.

Sew at the back of the fur only.  It looks a little strange from the inside.

Sew another seam close to the first one then trim close to the seam.

Pin hood to cape with right sides together, being careful not to catch the ribbon.

Sew, clip the curves and serge to clean finish.  Bring the ribbon to the front and tack.

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